95th Annual Sacramento Host Breakfast

The 95th Annual Sacramento Host Breakfast will be held at the Sheraton Grand located at the corner of 13th and J Streets on Thursday, June 4, 2020.

All attendees will be required to submit email addresses to stay on the invitation list. To update your email address early, please contact events@calchamber.com.

Due to the closure of the Sacramento Convention Center for construction this year, the annual Host Breakfast will be held at the Sheraton Grand on June 4, 2020. Space will be very limited this year, and attendees will need to provide their registration confirmation to be admitted into the event. It is imperative that invitees RSVP as soon as their invitation is received because the event will sell out very quickly. We appreciate your understanding of the constraints and limited seating availability this year.

The event is scheduled to return to the Sacramento Convention Center in 2021.

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